For central oil supply – oil stoves

Can also be installed in the case of oil central heating with a one-pipe (suction pipe) system.

The HZ 3 oil meter can be used as a measuring device for EL fuel oil and diesel fuel. Even the smallest quantities can be measured with the greatest accuracy, you simply read off your oil consumption. The calibrated oil meter (calibration is valid for ten years) permits accurate consumption calculations and is moreover extremely robust with a long service life. The HZ 3 oil meter can also be supplied if desired with calibration which is valid throughout the EU.

Technical Data

Flow rate range
0,18 … 12 l/h
Maximum flow rate
30 l/h (25 kg/h)
Possibility to read from the oil meter
0,01 l … 99999,99 l
Measuring accuracy
± 1 %
Nominal pressure
6 bar
Pressure loss
0,05 bar … 0,1 bar
Heating oil type
EL according to DIN 51603
Temperature range/
ambient temperature
–5°C … +70°C
Connecting thread
DIN 3852-X-G 1/4”, internal
Boiler capacity/burner capacity
1,65 kW … 265 kW
1,25 kg

Mounting Instructions

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