with digital LCD display
The optimum oil consumption monitoring device before and after your house modernization for checking your energy saving.

  • Capable of being retrofitted into every existing
    • heating installation
    • measuring system
  • A permanently available transparency of your oil consumption results in monitoring exactly:
    • your energy cost
    • your storage
  • Sustainability:
    • robust
    • durable

Digital Oil Meter – for monitoring your consumption exactly

HZ-5-D Technical data

LCD counter

  • Display resolution of 0.1 litres with 6-digits
  • Lithium ion battery 3V/950 mAH

Ambient temperature/air moisture

  • 0 up to 60 degrees Celsius
  • max. 85% RHY, non-condensing

Electromagnetic compatibility CE-conformity

  • DIN EN 61326-1 edition in 2006-10


Installation options Accessory parts:

HZ-5-D Installation options Accessory parts

Connecting set with collar

Anbau-Set mit Manschette

Mounting accessories:


Available accessories:

HZ-5-D Available accessories

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