With pulse generator for additional digital processing

hz5-largeNew! With pulse generator for further digital processinghigh data security

consumption can be digitally processed

data can be statistically evaluated

economic efficiency calculations possible

robust and durable

use energy efficiently and economically

can be retrofitted into any existing heating system

accurate checking of consumption and stored quantities

alarm system for heating system malfunctions

use oil price fluctuations optimally

Accurate consumption monitoring

HZ 5 RR oil meter with built-in reed contact as “pulse generator” and mechanical drum-type register

In addition to the rolling-meter, the HZ 5 RR has a built-in po- tential-free reed contact. When the flowrate is 0.1 l, then the reed contact will emit one impulse.

Technical Data


Measuring accuracy
±1 %
Flow rate range

0.7 to 40 l/h0.6 to 34 kg/h

Reed contact (HZ 5 RR)
1 Pulse/0.1 l
Nominal pressure
25 bar
0.05 bis 0.2 bar
EL according to DIN 51603
-5°C … +70°C
7 kW bis 400 kW
DIN 3852-X-G 1/8“ internal
0.6 kg

Reed contact data

Example 1: Example 2:
Connection to the active port e.g. Battery gauge Connection to the passive port
hz5-reed hz5
or similar R can also be plugged into the downstream inlet: at least 10 kohm
Reed contact: Pulse value: 1 Pulse = 0.1 l
Type of contact: max. electricity 70 mA/max. voltage 30 V
NO switch: Integrated protective resistor RS: 100 Ohm/ 0.6 W
voltage drop across Rs at 10 mA: 1 V
Pulse Frequency: at 40l/h ca. 0.2 Hz
Attention: Avoid contact with the magnetic field e.g. fan or solenoid valve.
On the relay contact be mindful of the flyback diode.
Do not connect the low-impedance voltage source parallel to the clamp!

Mounting Instructions

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