With LCD digital display and pulse generator for digital processing

hz6 drNew! With pulse generator for digital processing

Pulse output with higher resolution (50 pulses = 1 liter)

Consumption digitally processable

Statistical data evaluation

Profitability calculations possible

Can be retrofitted into any existing heating or measuring system

Sturdy and durable

Energy efficiently and economically

Optimum use of oil price fluctuations

Cexact Consumption and Stock Control

optimal oil consumption control after a house modernization to check the energy saving

Exact consumption control

Oil meter HZ 6 DR with LCD digital display and pulse generator for digital processing


Technical Data

Measurement Accuracy
±1 %
Flow Range

0.7 to 40 l/h

0.6 to 34 kg/h

Reed Contact
1 Impuls = 0,02 l
Nominal Pressure
25 bar
Pressure Fluctuation
0.05 bis 0.2 bar
Types of Fuel Oils
EL according to DIN 51603
Temperature Range
-5°C … +70°C
Furnace / Burner Output
7 kW bis 400 kW
Connecting Thread
DIN 3852-X-G 1/8″ internal
0.6 kg


  • Connection via screw terminals
  • Reed contact :: max. 30 VDC | Imax = 6 mA
  • Rs = 1.0 K-ohms / 0.6W (observe polarity)
  • Principle: The circuit of a counter or other recorder connected to the terminals plus and minus is closed via the reed contact and 1.0 K-ohm resistor. For the additional counter to reach its switching threshold, the input resistance should be at least 50 KOhm.
  • Pulse value: 1 pulse = 0.02l | 50 pulse = 1l
  • Maximum frequency at 60l / h approx. 1Hz (use remote counter due to reed contact [-Prellen-] with damped input)

LCD – Counter

  • 6-digit with display resolution 0.1 liter
  • Lithium ion battery 3V / 950 mAh
  • Lifetime at least 9 years (temperature and humidity dependent)


  • 0 to 60 degrees Celcius
  • Max. 85% RH, non-condensing Electromagnetic compatibility CE-compliant
  • DIN EN 61326-1 Edition 2006-10


  • The 6-digit LCD display with 6mm high digits has a display resolution of 0.1 liter (1 decimal place).
  • Power is supplied via the installed lithium battery 3V / 950 mAh. The operating time is approx. 9 years.
  • At the terminals of the output, the internal reed contact delivers 50 pulses per liter, equal to 20ml per pulse. The electronics in the counter generates a decadal value of 0.1 liters after 5 pulses so that the counter can be operated.
  • Due to the internal resistance of 1.0 K-ohms, a connected remote meter should have an input resistance of at least 50 K-ohms.
  • When connecting an additional counter to the output, the installation instructions must be observed.

hz-5-hz-6-schematic Mounting Options

Available Accessories

  • Mounting kits for pressure side installation on 4/6 mm cable
  • Installation kits for intake-side installation (single-rail system) on 8/10/12 mm pipe

Mounting Instructions

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